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Feeding the Hungry

On January 28, 2017, members of Bethany will go to 71 O St. NW Washington, DC to cook, serve, and clean up in support of S. O. M. E. (So Others Might Eat). You are invited to join us with your culinary skills, serving, and/or cleaning skills.

We will volunteer at the Capital Area Food Bank April 15, May 20, and June 24. More dates will follow.

The Kickoff to Men’s Season

The Kickoff to Women’s Season

Special Services

Planned Youth Services

- April 30, July 30, October 29, and December   31 — all at 11:00 AM

- Our young people will also lead us in our

  Watch Night service at 10:00 PM 12/31.

2017 Mens Season Flyer.pdf